My "Baby grow"

Above: My “Baby grow” medals and Bone dome



Above: Old SAAF storm flag with my SAAF history on it, still need to add some rank insignia and my medal ribbons.



Above: Close up showing the Squadrons I served on 31 and 15.


WW II 15 Sqn WW II

Above two: This is the Christmas Dinner menu from WWII


DSC05832 DSC05833

Above two: Some other WWII paraphernalia that was given to me by an ex WWII 15 Sqn pilot including his escape scarf.


31 & 15 Squadron Badges

Above: 15 Sqn blazer pocket badge and the WWII 15 and 31 Sqn enamel badges.


Having spent 15 years in the South African Air Force as a helicopter pilot.                (Call-sign: Pegasus) I have some fantastic photos to share with you, which I will upload in due course. Even better are some of the stories and events that took place during this time. These too I will add in due course.

President Nelson Mandela and me, (the green “baby grow” with flying jacket)

How is this for the most beautiful lady in the world??? Taken at Pietermaritzburg airfield while helping the “civies” with fire fighting.

Me sitting in the AH64, Malaysia 1997
The crew that flew the demo flights at the Langkawi international air show Malaysia. Me on the right.
Gees and me at one of the Malaysian Chopper Squadrons looking at the S61
Oryx with her “pajamas” on, putting her to bed for the night.
Cargo swinging a load of Marijuana out of the mountains.
This is how the Air force go on Ops? Eat your hearts out Grunts!
Showing a friend’s Dad what the top side looks like.
Just shut her down for the last time. My final flight.
I was presented with a bottle of bubbly by “The Boss” on completing that last sortie.

The end of 15 years! Leaving the base for the last time.
Another shot of the crew and the State President Mandela